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Some MPD victims maintain responsible positions buy 300 mg omnicef visa, complete graduate degrees purchase 300 mg omnicef with amex, and are successful spouses and parents prior to diagnosis and while in treatment. I was also the picture of denial and someone running fast and furious from facing the pain, confusion and internal conflict brought about by a childhood of mistreatment, conditioning and escaping by breaking off and compartmentalizing ME. The ability to compartmentalize and ignore the pain, and the parts of me that carried the pain, broke down. Functioning "normally" became an exercise in futility. I did the merry-go-round of misdiagnosis for a long time; until 1995, when I was officially diagnosed with MPD/DID and entered an even more difficult phase of self-exploration and healing. During my treatment I came to the internet searching for support and information. What began as purely a selfish venture, to find a bit of peer support from people struggling with the same issues, grew into something that became so much bigger than me. WeRMany was officially born on September 3, 1997 and has grown in the last 2 years to a peer group support organization providing real time chat support 24 hours a day, extensive online resources, message forums, an email support group and outlets for people dealing with MPD to share creative writing and drawing. I hope you find your visit to our site helpful, supportive, and healing. We have some answers, along with information on treatment plans, how to select a therapist, and more. Please keep in mind the information below is for educational purposes only and should not be treated as medical, psychiatric or psychological advice. Nothing here is intended to be for medical diagnosis or treatment or a substitute for consultation with a qualified therapist or medical professional. As views on various topics may differ greatly, even amongst professionals, we encourage you to take your questions and concerns to your personal therapist or medical doctor. For easier viewing while off-line, you can click FILE, then SAVE AS in the menu bar at the top of your browser, enabling you to read and/or print the article later. Terminology: Common terms used when discussing Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)/ Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). FAQ Sheet: Including things to look for in deciding whether you may need to seek further evaluation. MPD/DID Key Findings Quick Facts: From the National Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Multiple Personality. Questionnaire: Is it possible you have an ego state disorder? This questionnaire may help you decide if you should get help now. Rating Your Psychotherapist: A list of things to look for in a Psychotherapist and/or a way to rate your current Psychotherapist. Potential Triggers: Things that may bring on switching, panic, memories and such. How many times have we who suffer from MPD, depression, or any great emotional pain and stress thought we wanted to leave? How many of us have said, "my family, my children, my friends would be so much better off without me? The pain I cause them in life is so great that they will be better off without me". Sheila was a multiple who succumbed to the temptation to leave us and Allyson is the life-time partner that Sheila left behind. This story will unfold for you through the words of letters written by Allyson immediately following and during the difficult grieving period that continues still. After reading their story, it will be clear, no one was better off with Sheila gone.

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