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The vortices are detected by their disruption of a such as the Vitalograph In2itive shown in Figure 2 buy cheap digoxin 0.25mg line. By putting a second bluff body buy digoxin 0.25 mg line, facing the opposite way (to the right of the ultrasonic detectors in Peak fowmeters Fig. Changes in gas Peak expiratory fowmeters are used for the surveillance composition can affect the rate of vortex shedding but and management of chronic obstructive airways disease. Two ultrasound transmitter/ in distinction to the Wright’s respirometer (see above) and receivers are placed, facing each other, in the middle of the full size peak fowmeter, are of the variable outlet constant fow. Exhaled breath direct from the patient’s mouth passes through the inlet causing the bellows to infate and the stylus to mark the paper proportional to the exhaled volume. From left to right: Wright-McKerrow (Wright) scale, European Union scale, American Thoracic Society scale. Even- Vaporizing systems 42 tually, there will occur an equilibrium in which the number of molecules re-entering the liquid equals the Types of vaporizer 43 number leaving it. Filling of vaporizers 49 Examples of variable bypass vaporizers 50 Factors affecting vaporization of Measured fow vaporizers 60 a liquid Many inhalational anaesthetic agents are liquids under Temperature normal storage conditions and need to be in a vapour form before they can be administered to a patient. In order Vaporization is increased if the temperature of the liquid that they may be administered safely, an understanding of is raised, since more molecules will have been given the phenomenon of vaporization is required. The liquid is now boiling and this temperature is other (a phenomenon called cohesion), which is suff- its boiling point. At high altitudes (where the air is has a surface exposed to air or other gasses, or to a vacuum, thinner, has a lower ambient pressure and therefore exerts some molecules with a high kinetic energy will escape less pressure on the surface of a liquid) there is a signif- from this surface, resulting in the process of evaporation cant depression of the boiling point. The molecules from the liquid, which the administration of agents with low boiling points, exist in the gaseous phase, are known collectively as a such as ether, diffcult. This vapour exerts a pressure on its surroundings, the boiling point for water with change in atmospheric which is referred to as vapour pressure. Some, however, will collide with adjacent 80 vapour molecules and be bounced back into the liquid. If a gas is passed across the surface of the liquid, vapour will 0 be removed more quickly allowing fresh vapour to form. A liquid at a given temperature has a mixture of mole- Atmospheric pressure (mmHg) cules with varying energies. The remaining liquid molecules have a lower average kinetic energy (and, therefore, a lower tempera- Volatility ture). Fewer molecules remain with suffcient energy to form a vapour and so vaporization decreases. The speed at which a liquid vaporizes depends not only on its ambient temperature and pressure, but also on its volatility. The device that allows vaporiza- The surface area of the liquid tion of the liquid anaesthetic agent and its subsequent The greater the surface area of the liquid, the more space admixture with a carrier gas for administration to a patient there is for molecules to leave the liquid. Metal jackets and water baths, however, can only transfer a fnite quantity of heat and so only Surface area of contact between carrier gas and minimize the inevitable fall in temperature. This is achieved by the highest planned fow, a suffciently large surface area using devices that are sensitive to changes in temperature of liquid should be present. The surface area for vapori- Two types are commonly used: zation of a liquid can be increased by causing it to spread 1. It can, therefore, be Temperature used to vary the degree of occlusion in the aperture As vaporization progresses, the vaporizing liquid as well of a gas channel (usually the bypass) and thus alter as the vaporizer cools and the quantity of vapour pro- the fow of carrier gasses through it. The rod is attached only at the base of the brass jacket, which has a higher coeffcient of expansion.

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The test is also more comfortable for the patient if the increases in workload are not large discount digoxin 0.25mg without prescription. Periods longer than this measure muscular endurance rather than cardiovascular fitness 0.25mg digoxin overnight delivery. Periods shorter than this do not allow adequate time for the patient to warm up and achieve maximum workloads. Steady-state oxygen consumption is reached after about 2 minutes of exercise at a given workload. Both bicycle riding and treadmill testing are used; the latter is more commonly used in the United States. With a treadmill, the examiner can only estimate workload because workload depends on the efficiency of walking, the weight of the patient, and the change in energy expenditure between walking and running. The Bruce protocol has been widely used in the past and is often the basis of older studies; therefore, comparisons are easier. Because the Bruce protocol has a final stage that cannot be completed, it is a good protocol for a highly fit person. These large increases mean that peak workload falls somewhere between stages for many people. This is a problem in evaluating functional capacity and may result in a lower sensitivity for the test. Developed for less-fit persons, the modified Bruce protocol adds additional stages 0 and 1/2. However, even these workloads may be too heavy for some debilitated patients and may result in premature fatigue. These protocols have more gradual increases in workload and can be modified to suit the individual. The Naughton protocol is good for older or debilitated persons and allows a gradual increase in workload. The Cornell protocol is good for a wider range of fitness levels depending on the starting grade. It allows for a gradual increase in grade and speed and may be started at 0%, 5%, or 10% grade, depending on fitness level. Ramp protocols are computer-driven protocols that continuously increase workload until maximum exertion is reached. This is the ultimate in continuous advancement, but steady state may not be reached at any given workload. Although not the only data that should be examined, electrocardiographic changes garner the most attention in test interpretation. During exercise, there is depression of the J junction that is maximal at peak exercise and returns to baseline during recovery. This normal depression is upsloping and typically <1 mm below the isoelectric line 80 ms after the J point. This change was made to have a more stable end point, because the end of the T-wave is much more difficult to find than the peak of the T-wave. Changes in the lateral leads, particularly V , are more specific than in any of the other leads. These changes do not imply ischemia (although they may imply viability) and should be interpreted as normal.

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